Lohusahamile.com is an online shopping platform created by Women Entrepreneurs.


Our adventure started in 2014 by 3 female entrepreneurs in a small room in Bursa and has continued to grow rapidly until today. In the first quarter of 2014, we continued to work exclusively on Baby Clothing and Baby Accessories while designing the special demands of ladies in postpartum period.

When our designs started to gain considerable demand over time, we decided to integrate our designs with manufacturing. Our adventure started in 2014 and continues rapidly with our first day desire. In return for our efforts since 2014, we have been continuing our activities by opening 3 workshops in Bursa, Istanbul and Kocaeli.

As 3 entrepreneurs, we continue on the road with a large number of employees. While we are completely designing Baby Products, we are also manufacturing Nightgowns and Pajama Sets for Pregnant Ladies. In 2017, we aim to do global sales rather than just regional sales by opening our website LohusaHamile.com in order to provide easier service.


Since we are open to innovations while reflecting our thoughts to our active customer portfolio and followers, we also include the products of many companies and brands on our website and we wish to offer diversity to our customers.

In one day, we hope to see you among us. You will not be alone when you are giving birth to a baby. In this journey, we will be your partners in the way to happiness.